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Enviro Roundup


Quickly sharing several bits of environmental-news with you... Willie Nelson distributing bio-diesel in the U.S. ... Antarctica warming ... climate tipping point ... Blair pushes greener agenda ... Oklahoma continues keeping Texas from falling into the Gulf.

Editorial: Where is God? Tsunami Relief Efforts

Response to the common questions of "where was God?" and "how could God allows this?" in reference to the devastation of December 26th's earthquake and tsunamis.

Global Dimming Further Verified

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In a nutshell: it has been shown the amount of sunlight reaching Earth’s surface has been decreasing over the last several decades. This decrease is attributed to particulate matter introduced into the atmosphere by human behavior (i.e soot, chemicals, CO2, etc.). Of course, with less sunlight reaching the surface, the effects of global warming are somewhat mitigated…


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If anyone is still around, then I must excuse myself for my recent absence (why must I? Because unkept blogs simply aren't worth reading any more, and I as a reader want assurance that an unkept blog will again be kept if I am to return). Travel with significant overnight stays in Texas, Missouri, and Nevada has kept me away from the blog over the past several weeks. There are many issues to explore though, and I hope you will bear with me and not disappear altogether!


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