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What are you optimistic about?

WorldChanging passes on the meme "what are you optimistic about?". In the context of sustainability...

I'm not sure that optimism is the right word. Hopeful, yes, with a modicum of optimism... that "America" is finally starting to creep out of the negative energy well, with market forces, civil society, and even many religious groups beginning to embrace sustainability. Think of that first car on a roller coaster, when it finally reaches the top of an incline (a potential energy well). The cars behind it are still dragging it down via gravity, but there is just enough kinetic energy to pull it over the top — and then some.

Help stop the genocide in Darfur!

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SaveDarfur is running a petition this Thanksgiving to remind people of the continuing genocide in Darfur and pressure the powers that be to finally act for peace, after years of providing food aid but doing nothing about the violence. The solutions they suggest are simple, powerful, and meaningful. They are solutions that can be employed by the U.S. government and the U.N. in short order — if only they had the will. Please sign today.

Everyday, the 2.5 million people chased from their homes in Darfur face the threat of starvation, disease, and rape, while the few lucky enough to remain in their homes risk displacement, torture, and murder. Therefore, I call on you to do the following:

  • Push for the immediate deployment of the already-authorized UN peacekeeping force.
  • Strengthen the understaffed African Union force already in Darfur until the UN force can be deployed.
  • Establish a no-fly zone.
  • Increase humanitarian aid and ensure access for delivery.

Science vs. Religion, pt 1


I just came back from a wonderful interfaith dialogue that brought together a large number of each of Christians, Jews, and Muslims as well as a couple of Bahá'ís (but no Pagans, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. for some reason). I was reminded and really struck by one of the common elements that is found in the highest spiritual essence of every major religion — the importance of treating our fellow humans with dignity and respect, of greeting the stranger with hospitality and working together for our common betterment.

InterfaithNews.Net - October/November 2006


Reacting to religious fanaticism and the challenges of advancing and sustaining a more equitable civilization, a global interfaith movement has sprung from the grassroots of religion and spirituality. InterfaithNews.Net (INN) seeks to chronicle this movement by focusing primarily on positive interfaith and religious news, events, and resources.

Dear Readers,

When Joel Beversluis and I launched this site four years ago, we had a bulleted list of purposes for the site and newsletter:

  • Provide an independent and central forum for news about  inter-religious groups and programs, including access to newsletters of diverse interfaith organizations around the world.
  • Highlight good news and positive actions and activities of religious, spiritual and inter-religious communities.
  • Provide information about and links to selected resources and media such as inter-religious organizations and directories, religious web sites and viewpoints, multifaith materials and web sites, and other sources.
  • Provide an alternative to traditional media coverage of religion and spirituality, and provide a reputable, common source for journalists to draw upon.
  • Provide forums for invited columnists and occasional other contributors to relay analysis or personal views on issues of wide interest.
  • Offer this content in several electronic formats.

Over the years, the web site has taken on a few new identities and now hosts 156 articles. We've received praise from many individuals and thanks for the work of providing the newsletter. We've had generous help from a number of individuals and groups, particularly through our associations with the United Religions Initiative and the North American Interfaith Network.

Winter Blues

I think the days of 18-1 losses in soccer are finally over thanks to my new team, the Winter Blues. We have more wins in the last two games (2) than I think my old team had all last year. And I've got one goal and one assist in each :-). Just thought I would share.

Interesting new things to keep the blues away this upcoming winter:


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