Stephen A. Fuqua (SAF) is a Bahá'í, programmer, and conservation and interfaith advocate in the DFW area of Texas.

May 30, 2010

Baby barred owls!

This morning at Battle Creek West, where we saw an adult Barred Owl drying itself after a bath two weeks ago, we found two fledged babies. They were adorable. If human babies looked like this, we might have a few already. Someone else's great photo.

Also seen, in another part of the park: small milkweed plant with a monarch egg and 2nd molt monarch caterpillar, and flying nearby was an adult monarch. Seeing three stages of monarch within a minute was quite gratifying. Next time we're out there (two weeks) we'll have to check in on their progress. [T. is now associated with the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project]